Saturday, 4 February 2012

I Told You So...

Why is it that no sooner do the words "Stop, you're going to get hurt" come out of my mouth that one of my children ends up getting hurt?  Why is it that we can see the accident before it happens, and yet we still cannot prevent it from occurring?  Really when you think about it, its quite a twisted joke!

It feels as though I am somehow magically causing my children to fall backwards in their chair, fall of the couch and hit their head, fall of the bed, or slip on icy rocks, or so many other countless, and needless injuries.  I can see the entire scenario playing out before my eyes seconds before it happens and yet, I am unable to stop the incident from occurring!  Why can my "mommy-senses" detect the danger and yet I cannot prevent?

Take for instance a few evenings ago when my 6 yr old son was rocking backwards on a chair...(I know you can already sense what is coming.  It's those darn mommy-senses).  Directly behind his chair was a glass, circular end table with his head's name written all over it.  Twice I warned him to sit properly on the chair.  No sooner did I begin to mutter the third warning, when there was a sudden flurry of motion, a loud crashed, followed by a piercing scream and a child in tears running into my arms!

Part of me SO BADLY WANTED TO JUST SAY "I TOLD YOU SO!" but then the mother in me came out (thank goodness she's still in there) and I wrapped one arm around him and the other arm wrapped the ice pack I had readied around his head.

Now one would think that this previous injury would have been enough to ensure that he would pay closer attention and heed mom's warnings, but just tonight (hence the inspiration for this post) he was jumping wildly on the couch while playing video games (despite mom's warnings to settle down) and he jumped backwards, missed the couch and wacked his poor noggin yet again on the window sill!  Again, piercing screams, agony and tears!  He looked at me and all I had to do was shake my head and he knew!  "Please don't  tell me you told me so mom! It hurts, just get me an ice pack!"

I inspected the damage;  a goose egg the size of a golf ball, but thankfully no stitches.  I didn't say a word!  There was an unspoken understanding between the two of us.

Perhaps some day, my mommy-senses will allow me to sense the danger in a more timely manner.  Perhaps a few lessons from my son's favourite hero spider-man would help me out!

Either that or my children are going to be very familiar with the coined phrase, "I told you so!"

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  1. The same thing happened with me just the other day with my little E! She was standing on a chair at the counter, helping me prepare lunch and she was dancing and hopping on the chair. I must have told her to stop before she hurt herself four times. The next thing I knew, she had slipped and banged her head on the back of the chair. I turned around to see her holding her tears in as best she could, knowing that she had been warned. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her poor little head until she stopped crying. I didn't say "I told you so", but it was on my lips. All she needed was a hug and a kiss and some understanding from mommy, which she got, and she didn't dance on the chair the rest of the time she was helping me. ;)