Saturday, 11 February 2012

McDonald's vs. Burger King

My husband and I have a long outstanding joke between ourselves . . . I'm McDonald's and he's Burger King.  Let me explain . . .

At any time, and in any situation,  my children ALWAYS  default to me, their mother!  It doesn't matter that their father is sitting right beside them and I am attempting to go to the washroom in peace, they will hunt me down and ask me to wipe their noses, get them a drink, grab them a snack.  It baffles me that their father is right there, and yet still, they just HAVE to ask me.

Finally, one day I asked my husband "Why me? Why when you are sitting right there do they not ask you?"  He replied, "Why have Burger King when you can have McDonald's?  Everyone prefers McDonald's, but if McDonald's is not available, then, when they have no other choice, they will settle for Burger King." 

Well, I say it's time "Burger King" worked on its marketing campaign and get to know its' customers a little better, because pretty soon, this McDonald's location is going to need to close for some much needed restoration and remodeling :)

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  1. GREAT POST! I never thought of it that way, but it's so true! I have actually driven out of my way to get to a McDonald's when there was a Burger King right around the corner. So much like you describe your children doing (my kids do it too!). And this McDonald's location is definitely closing down soon for restorations! ;)