Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well That Was Fun?

Family games night is a time of togetherness, bonding, and fun!  Right?

Then why is it that EVERY time we sit down to play age-appropriate board games or activities, one child leaves half-way through the game, and the second child has a melt-down when Mom or Dad happen to finally win a game?

It's not like Mom and Dad win every time, but it's nice when once and awhile the dice rolls in our favour!  I mean it's not even like we're cheating! We are supposed to be teaching our children that it's OK to lose, are we not?

How do we help our children realize that it's okay to lose?  Where as parents did we go wrong?  We have always encouraged our children to have fun when playing; that sports are not about winning, and that teamwork is the most important aspect of any game.

I want to look forward to games night with the family, and not wince at the mere mention of playing a board game, as if I'm about to give birth to my third child! (The labour itself, not the joy one feels after the birth).

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