Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wow! Girls and Boys REALLY are SO DIFFERENT!

My 3yr old daughter has had many playdates, more than I can count.  These playdates have always been with more than one other child though and they have always been with boys, never just another girl.

Today, she had her first playdate with a girl the same age as her and it was magical!  

Up until today, playdates have consisted of a lot of running around, VERY loud voices, action, adventure and some sort of battle, oh, and usually, someone crying.

Not today!  Today, they painted, coloured, dressed up like princesses, had a snack and watched Dora!  I actually had the chance to sit and talk with another mom, oh, to sip tea without interruption! 

This really got me thinking about how different my son and daughter are.  No wonder boys and girls learn differently, they PLAY DIFFERENTLY!  My son is always on the move.  Ask him a question and he'll give you an answer, just try not to get dizzy watching him walk around in circles as he gives you the answer or tells you a story.  My daughter on the other hand can sit still and talk with me.  Give them both a page to colour and my daughter sits while my son stands and rocks back and forth switching his weight from one foot to the other.

Watch him play with his toys....on the stairs, in the hallway, in the front foyer, but never sitting on the floor.  He paces like a caged animal.

His kindergarten is play-based learning, so he's done fine to date.  My concern is that when he starts grade one this fall that he won't be able to focus in class.  What if he has a teacher that fails to teach to his learning style?  I really do believe that boys and girls learn differently, and I only hope that the education system today realizes this too! 

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